Increase Discovery
Tapatalk let’s you instantly expose your forum to millions of Tapatalk users. Single Sign-On makes it easy for new users to become registered members of your community.
Increase Views and Posts
Making your forum available in a native mobile app encourages users to participate more often. Communities that publish on Tapatalk report an average of 25-60% increase in visits and posts.
Increase Content
Users never miss an opportunity to participate with Tapatalk’s built-in notification system. Tapatalk enables users to instantly take and post photos directly from their mobile device.
Setting Up Tapatalk is Quick and Easy
Is there any cost associated or long-term commitments?
There is absolutely no cost to install Tapatalk, and you can uninstall Tapatalk at anytime by simply removing the Tapatalk Plug-In.
How do I start and how long does it take?
To enable your Community to be viewed on Tapatalk, simply install a plug-in to your forum system platform and publish through our admin dashboard.
We provide step-by-step instructions to install our plug-in on most popular forum systems. The average installation process takes less than 15 minutes.
Interested in learning more? Click here to read our FAQ
Ready to get Started?

Download and Install
Installing the Tapatalk plug-in is quick and easy. Head over to the activation page to find the plug-in for your forum system.

Publish Your Forum
Create a forum owner account here on Tapatalk to publish your forum. You can manage and monitor all your Tapatalk forums from a single dashboard.

Build Your Own
You may also subscribe to a BYO license to create your own branded app that runs on Tapatalk advanced mobile platform.
Build your own forum app with personalized app icon, look and feel, branding, and more!
Learn More About Our BYO Subscription Program Here