Getting Started

Whether you're connecting your existing community to Tapatalk Mobile or building an entirely new community with Tapatalk Groups, Tapatalk's comprehensive community platform for both desktop and mobile, will provide all you need to start and run a successful community.

You can get started for free. Or, subscribe to our Premium Tier to get branding controls and to build your own branded app. If you are running a large community or multiple communities, contact us to see how we can help!

Choose Tapatalk Mobile if you already have an existing site. Or try creating a new, spam-free community with Tapatalk Groups.

Tapatalk Mobile

Connect your existing community to Tapatalk to enable mobile app access for your members. Create your own branded app with our Premium Tier.

Tapatalk Groups

Start a brand new community that works great on both desktop and mobile. Host it in your own domain and have options to remove advertisement for guests or members with our Premium Tier service.

Is your community a Self-Hosted Community?

Download and Install Tapatalk Plug-In if your community runs under your own infrastructure and you have full control over the system and the software.

With our step-by-step instructions, your community can be up and running on Tapatalk in 15 minutes. To get started, select your community software supported by Tapatalk below:

  • icon bulletin
  • icon ipboard
  • icon kunena
  • icon mybb
  • icon phpbb
  • icon woltlab
  • icon simplemachines
  • icon xenforo


Free Basic Premium
Free Tapatalk Mobile App Ads & Branding Removal Branded Mobile App
Free Mobile App
Unlimited Push Notifications
100% Forum Integration
Social Sign On
Branding & Ads Control
Remove Tapatalk Branding
Disable Advertisement
Branded App
Google DFP and Admob Support
Branded App in App Store *
$ 0 /month $ 5 /month $ 10 /month

*Requires you to have Apple iOS Developer account ($99/yr) and Google Play developer account ($25) and grant Tapatalk access to create/manage your App.

Thinking of Creating New Community on Tapatalk?

Check out our new Tapatalk Groups offering! Tapatak Groups is the end-to-end community platform that provides not only the traditional “free forum hosting,” but also comprehensive integration with better Spam Control, Adult / NSFW objectionable content detection, ad network optimization, auto-scaling, back-up, and full integration with Tapatalk Mobile App and our optional branded mobile app offering.