If you've ever tried to follow multiple forums on a mobile browser, you know how inconsistent of an experience it can be. We save you time and make it easy to follow all of your favorite online communities on your mobile device.

You can monitor, post, and add photos to all your favorite forums, all in a single app. You can even elect to receive push notifications on your favorite threads.

Tapatalk can also help you discover new forums based on the topics you like to follow.

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Tapatalk also helps Forum Owners by providing a simple and free plug-in for all the leading forum platforms, eliminating the need for Admins to develop a standalone app or mobile friendly website.

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Connect your forum for free to the millions of people who use Tapatalk. Take advantage of the various monetization opportunities we provide through becoming a partner and Give your forum the look and feel of a native app your members will love.
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