Frequently Asked Questions
Free Program: Tapatalk Activation for Forum Owners
Q: What is Tapatalk?
A: Tapatalk is an app built for interacting with discussion forums on mobile devices. It differs from a forum’s mobile web skin in that it offers the speed of a native app and a streamlined unified interface for every forum a user subscribes to. Tapatalk also creates a unique eco-system that allows forums to be searched and discovered by millions of Tapatalk users which in turn promotes content, new memberships, and interactions.
Q: Will I lose revenue from a traditional desktop browser based forum?
A: Tapatalk is a supplementary and optional service for your members – these days, as people spend more time on their mobile devices, Tapatalk will enable your members to more easily stay connected and participate in your community on-the-go. With this increased level of participation, Tapatalk provides monetization through highly relevant ads. Our “Sponsored Topic” native ads and banner placements at the end of threads provide a good balance of user experience and competitive monetization. Our monetization opportunities sometimes exceed earning potential on traditional web devices. You can track your earnings through the Tapatalk Monetization Dashboard. The more of your members that use Tapatalk on their phones when they can’t log-in on their desktops, the more you’ll earn on top of your traditional browser based forum. In addition to ads, Tapatalk also converts your links so you can earn money from eBay, Amazon, and other affiliate networks.
Q: I have a no ad policy on my forum. Do I have to include ads on Tapatalk?
A: In a word, No. We fully believe that when it comes to your forum, only you should decide if you want to display ads and earn revenue from Tapatalk. If you do not want to display any ads, with one click in Tapatalk’s Forum Owner Dashboard you can choose to turn them off completely across your entire forum.
Q: Can I insert my AdSense code with Tapatalk?
A: Currently AdSense is not supported and here is why.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: Activating Tapatalk on your forum is completely free and there is no obligation to remain on the service or to display ads. We also offer a Branded (Build Your Own) App Program starting at just $69/month.
Q: Which forum system does it currently support?
We support all the most popular platforms such as:phpBB3, vBulletin, xenForo, IPBoard, Simple Machine, MyBB, bbPress, Kunena , Vanilla and Drupal . In addition to these platforms we are fully integrated with free forum hosting services like ProBoards,,, Forumatic, and Tapatalk may also work on other forum systems not listed here with plugins developed by third party developers using the Tapatalk API.
Q: How do I activate Tapatalk on my forum?
A: Please start from the Activate Tapatalk page on our homepage to download and install Tapatalk Plugin for your forum. There we offer step by step guides for each major forum platform complete with screenshots of the installation process.
Q: I have already installed Tapatalk, what is the best way to get the word out?
A: Creating a sticky or announcement thread in your forum is a great way to get the word out to existing users. But for new visitors we do the heavy lifting for you, when members access your forum from a mobile browser, a Smart Banner will be shown at the top of your forum pages informing visitors that your forum is now available on Tapatalk. If a visitor already has Tapatalk installed tapping on our Smart Banner will also launch the Tapatalk and direct them to your forum within the app.
Q: Why does a pop-up display when visiting my forum from a mobile browser?
A: Once Tapatalk is installed, a one-time introduction page will be shown to mobile web visitors the first time they visit your forum to notify them of the option to use the forum in Tapatalk. If a user clears their browser cache or cookies they may see the page again. While you are free to remove it during installation, this is an important tool for us so to keep this service sustainable and free of charge for forum owners.
Q: Can I install Tapatalk on multiple forums that I own?
A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of forums you can publish onto Tapatalk. Whether you own 1 or 100 forums, you can run Tapatalk on all of them all for free.
Q: What's the point of this app if my members can access my site with mobile skin at no cost?
A: While mobile web versions of the most popular forums are very functional, none offer the UI, design, and speed of a native app. Devices and skins are indeed getting faster but not all members of a forum have access to a top-of-the-line handset. Also for all your members that have multiple hobbies and interests, Tapatalk offers them a great tool that lets them access their forums in one consistent experience that also enables them to participate and produce content like sharing photos much faster than fumbling with multiple mobile web bookmarks. Tapatalk co-exists with any other solution you have in place and our goal is to grow and delight your audience by providing them the best features at no cost to you.
Q: How does the Tapatalk Plug-in work with my forum system security?
A: The Tapatalk plug-in is designed to inherit all the security policies from your existing forum system. For example, if you have a specific sub-forum that is restricts access to only certain members of your community, the Tapatalk app will respect those rules you have put in place and only grant access to members with the appropriate credentials.
Q: Is this service compatible with all other third party modifications that I have installed on my forum system?
A: Unfortunately, with the overwhelming variety of mods out there, we cannot guarantee compatibility with all of them. The Tapatalk plug-in will co-exist with all your existing modifications and not affect your website in any way when viewed in a desktop browser. We have tested many forums with varying degrees of modifications and a vast majority of them can coexist with Tapatalk, even when they are not supported by the app. Special support for highly modified forums is on case by case basis, depending on trends we observe in the forum owner community. We cannot provide refunds or extensive troubleshooting if it’s discovered that a modification causes the Tapatalk plug-in from working as designed.
Q: Can I build my own forum app using Tapatalk?
A: Yes! Please visit our Build Your Own page for more information. Our branded app program starts at just $69/month.
Q: My organization also developed a proprietary forum system. Can I make it compatible and viewable on Tapatalk?
A: You may access our Tapatalk API with full documentation on on how to bridge your forum system with Tapatalk app support.
Q: I am following a forum on Tapatalk. How do I login to that forum directly from my computer?
A: Go to the forum website on your computer. Find the “forgot password” function, and enter the email address associated with your Tapatalk ID. Click “enter,” “send,” or similar. Then, you should receive an email with a new password.
Q: If I’m on the Tapatalk app and I login to a specific forum using my credentials specific to that forum, will Tapatalk remember this?
A: Yes. Tapatalk will remember that you have logged into that specific forum, and link your Tapatalk ID with that forum’s credentials. So, next time you login to Tapatalk on another device, you don’t need to re-enter your old forum credentials specific to that forum.
Paid Program: Build Your Own Program for Forum Owners
Q: What is the difference between the Tapatalk app and a Custom Branded app?
A: As detailed on our Build Our Own page, signing up for the Build Your Own program allows you to create an app with your own organization’s branding. Once the app is produced it is yours to distribute as you see fit. Whether you wish to make it a free app on iPhone/Android, or sell it on each respective marketplace, it is up to you and Tapatalk does not require any royalties on subsequent sales of the app. The only cost to you is the BYO license fee which starts at $69 a month.
Q: Can you summarize the features that are available in Build Your Own program but not in the generic Tapatalk app?
A: You may customize your own app icon, color schemes, certain user interfaces, and most importantly it works with Google Admob, DFP, and Admob Mediation. A BYO app also supports push notifications that display your own custom forum icon on a user's notification screen.
Q: Do I need to have an iOS Developer Account and Google Play Developer Account?
A: Yes, you need to submit your app to your own iOS Developer Account and Google Play Developer Account.
Q: I already have a forum app from another vendor, can I upgrade to a Tapatalk-based BYO app?
A: Yes you can! With our BYO program, you can usually even create your own branded Tapatalk app to be an “update” to your previous forum app so your users will only need to update rather than install a whole new app.
Q: Do you support Google Analytics?
A: Yes, we support the latest Google Analytics for Mobile App (2.0) enabled with Real-time Analytics.
Q: How much does a Tapatalk BYO license cost?
A: $69/month will grant you one license that will allow you to create a custom branded app for one forum for iOS or Android or both. There is only once license available even if you produce apps for only one platform.
Q: What happens if I cancel the subscription, are there any obligations?
A: There is no obligation to subscribe and you may cancel at any time. Once you cancel your license subscription, your app will continue to work for a grace period and a message will appear to your app users that the license has been expired before full operation ceases.
Q: Does it work on the iPad?
A: Yes the BYO program will let you create a "Universal" app that works on iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. Same applies to the Android phones and tablets as well.
Q: Do you support my language?
A: Tapatalk supports about 38 different languages and translations are contributed by volunteers. You can also edit our language file at CrowdIn. iOS / Android
Q: Do I need to upload my BYO apps to the iTunes App Store and Google Play myself?
A: Yes. For Android, it's very straightforward to upload an app to Google Play. For an iOS app, you will need a Mac to prepare the materials and submit the app to the App Store. If you don't have a Mac, here is a guide of how to launch your app without a Mac.

Free and BYO Program - Monetization for Forum Owners
Q: Why are monetization opportunities and features not available in my account?
A: If our monetization features are not yet available in your country rest assured we are working on making them available soon. We usually will roll out a feature to a smaller test group and make sure everything is running without any issues before making them available to everyone.
Q: How much will I get paid, where can I monitor my progress?
A: You can see our current payout rate and your monetization stats by logging into your forum owner account on our homepage. Once you are logged in, click on the "monetization" link in the left hand menu and select your forum you wish to monitor from the drop down menu.
Q: Why am I not getting paid out the balance in my account right at the end of the month?
A: Payments are made approximately 30 days after month’s end, and are subject to adjustment. Completion of all required Payment Information is needed before payment can be processed. Also a combined minimum of $5.00 from ad and link earnings must be accumulated over the previous 12 months before a payout can be processed.
Q: Do I need to input my tax information?
A: Yes, you will have to make a selection in the “Payment Info” section in your forum owner account. If your business is located in the United States and you pay taxes there, you will need to fill in your tax info. Otherwise if your business is not in the United States, please choose the option that specifies your business is outside of the US and that US taxes do not apply.

Paid App - Tapatalk
Q: How many forums can I access and subscribe to with my Tapatalk app?
A: You can add and subscribe to as many forums as you wish! There are no fees or cost to you regardless of how many forums you add.
Q: Can I transfer my app from iOS to Android and vice-versa?
A: Tapatalk is now free to download on both platforms so there is no need to transfer apps from one platform to the other. Using a free Tapatalk ID account, you can login to any of your devices, regardless of platform and your saved forums and settings will be restored.
Q: Where is my inbox in the free Tapatalk app? Has it been removed?
A: The “inbox” from previous versions has been moved into the “Feed” tab. The Feed tab is home to all your personalized content. You may also customize your feed and inbox by tapping the filtering options button at the top of the screen.
Q: I have reset my phone or purchased a new phone, how do I re-download Tapatalk?
A: Preferably using your same Google or iTunes account, you can simply re-download Tapatalk from Google Play or the iTunes app store. If you have a Tapatalk ID account as well, once you log in, all your forums and settings will be restored.
Q: My Tapatalk app keep crashing, what should I do?
A: Clearing the app cache from within settings and/or uninstalling or reinstalling the app will usually correct most issues with crashes that occur consistently. This action may also help with intermittent crashes that occur more randomly. If you’ve tried this as well as reinstalling the app and the situation continues, please post details of your issue on our support forum. Searching the forum for your issue may also yield answers from other users that have already posted the same issue.
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