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Tapatalk is the leading social app that connects enthusiasts around the world through their hobbies and passions. Tapatalk delivers the best interest-based discussions in a streamlined unified mobile experience, while creating an engaging eco-system for users to discover new interests. Used and endorsed by hundreds of thousands of internet communities worldwide, Tapatalk is the premier app for enthusiasts of all types to share their hobbies and passions online.
meet the team
Winter Wong
Winter founded Tapatalk with a vision of transforming online community experience on mobile devices. Winter holds a B.S. in Computer Science from University of Toronto. Winter has over 10 years of software engineering experience in IBM and Hewlett Packard and is an avid world traveller.
His favorite community: Expedition Portal
Yao Hu
Yao is responsible for technology and engineering. He holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and he is a fanatic Warcraft III gamer. He leads many of the company's most important initiatives, including the Search and Tapatalk's Passion Feed.
Eric Sternbach
Monetization & Partnership
Eric started his digital career in 2000, joining GoTo/Overture. Overture was purchased by Yahoo in 2003, and Eric continued at Yahoo as the Vice President of Advertiser Sales. In 2008, Sternbach became the Vice President of Advertiser Sales at Adknowledge, a leading ad network. Eric joined Tapatalk in 2013 and is in charge of Partnerships and Monetization. Eric is active follower of Soccer, Reef Aquarium and Scuba Diving forums, and holds a B.A. and MBA from UCLA.
Paul Lush
Security & Infrastructure
Paul is the founder of StopForumSpam and oversees Tapatalk infrastructure including security and privacy. Paul comes from 20 years of technical and infrastructure design, security and support for such companies as the BBC and Siemens. His love for cricket is some what of a distraction from his Computer Science studies but doesn't intend on breaking the world record for the longest time taken to get a Masters degree.
Min Chan
Min leads product strategy and development. Prior to Tapatalk, Min led product development at Oversee.net, AT&T Interactive, Helio and other mobile companies. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and a MBA from the University of Southern California. Min is a poker enthusiast and spends too much of his free time honing his game on the TwoPlusTwo poker forum.
Howdy Dong
Howdy joined Tapatalk in 2014 and is responsible for Operation and Project Management. Her passions are in pets, books, music and movies. Howdy holds a B.S. degree in International Economincs from UCLA with over 10 years experience in operation management in startup internet companies and Hewlett Packard.
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Tapatalk Hall of Fame
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