Tapatalk API allows third-party developers to develop forum systems plugin or mobile app that talks the Tapatalk language. We believe openness and by opening up the API document we hope to foster innovations on inter-forum access beyond web browser. Tapatalk API has been implemented on over 8 different forum systems and has proven to work with ten of thousands of discussion forums worldwide.
Plug-in Development

You can build your own Tapatalk-compatibile plugin for a specific forum systems that works with the Tapatalk app. You are interested in this API because:

  • Your forum is heavily customized and would like to "hack" existing Tapatalk plugin to work with your system.
  • The current available plugins does not cover your forum system and you would like to write your own plugin
  • You develop your own forum system and you would like to write your own plugin
  • Your organization develops forum system and is looking into the possibility to enable Tapatalk support for your users.
App Development

Tapatalk API also allows you to develop your own app that works with any Tapatalk-activated forum system. This is especially useful if you are running a large community and would like to develop your own app. It allows you:

  • To add additional features to your existing app that need integration with your existing forum system. For example Single Sign-On.
  • To develop mobile app similar to what Tapatalk team has developed
Ready to start?

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